Rocket Design Furniture is a solutions-based manufacturer of systemised business and corporate furniture, together with seating, agile solutions, partitioning systems, storage solutions, and softs or lounge furnishings.

All Rocket Design Furniture products are manufactured with the flexibility to be moved and reused, featuring the necessary assembly systems to cater for dismantling and reassembly, ensuring that no damage occurs to the furniture during the churn process.


Rocket Design Furniture products are manufactured according to exclusive design specifications at Rocket Design Furniture’s in-house, technologically advanced manufacturing facilities. Our manufacturing facilities constantly undergo expansion and upgrades in order to keep pace with the markets’ engineering and design demands. Having factories in-house allows for the manufacture of bespoke solutions.

Professional Consulting

The goal of Rocket Design Furniture’s professional consultants is to analyse new or existing space, alongside organisational requirements in order to create a design solution that incorporates functionality and aesthetics.

Space Planning and Design Services

Space planning is a fundamental step in the interior design process, defining the patterns that illustrate how people move through a space. Space planning is the process of organising furniture and workplace functions together while maximising the use of space, providing optimal environments for productivity and well being. Layouts are planned effectively around efficient workflow, communication and supervision – while maximising cost efficiencies and meeting budgetary goals.

Project Management

The key to a successful office furniture installation is planning. Rocket Design Furniture has a team of experienced project managers that are uniquely assigned to each project. Our Project Managers oversee all aspects of a project, from inception to closure using Rocket Design Furniture’s structured methodology.

Prototyping and Sampling

Prototyping a product lowers the cost of development by stripping down the end product into a set of features and requirements that represent the final design. Our objective is to provide a ‘proof of concept’ that demonstrates functionality that can be vetted by our client and the intended end-users of the product. Sampling allows us to supply a taste of the product finishes and materials to ensure that the environment coordinates with the agreed design brief.

Office Relocation, Logistic Services and Churn Management

Rocket Design Furniture offers comprehensive office relocation and logistical services, including office moves, warehousing, maintenance and refurbishments.