Autumn is fast approaching, which means the seasonal color palette is also transforming. While some countries experience a drastic drop in temperature, our gorgeous nation is characterized by warm sun-kissed days, sultry nights and very little in the way of rain. Oh and did we mention it’s grape harvesting season in the Western Cape which means there’s some lovely drops of vino on their way.

Rather than get all glum and gloomy over the disappearance of summer, autumn is just another excuse to embrace our wonderful climate. That’s why instead of redecorating in melancholy blacks, we’re keeping things bright and breezy with a spectrum of greys that cool things down, without being too overbearing.

Metallics are a clever way to channel the look, without having to re-imagine your color scheme or existing furniture. As well as statement pieces such as this Replica Eames Office High Back, you can also set off luxurious metallics with chrome accessories, gold/silver leafed textiles and so on.


Rather all out grey from floor to ceiling, we love it when shades have been cleverly integrated into a complementing color scheme. The raw woods and exposed brickwork of this space keep things casual, while the dusky blue Replica Hays chairs bring a pop of color to the mix.


Don’t shy away from grey scale artwork, as it’s a stunning way to create a simple yet stylish statement. Look for pieces that have plenty of highlights, and a spectrum of blacks, whites and greys. 50 shades if you will…


While most interior designers would refrain from slicking all walls in a shade of grey, limiting the look to one feature wall is a great way to give a room that modern monochrome look, without becoming too washed out. The only grey making an appearance in this room is the feature wall, the face of the fireplace and the veins of its marble cornice. And what a showstopping aesthetic it creates!


When used in an all white context, grey becomes an instant statement color. The way these chairs explode in a sea of white is a crystallized example of just how effective grey color palettes can be when used strategically.


The same effect has been achieved with this grey scale feature light, suspended in an almost exclusively white space.



As well as being bright and breezy, grey can also be dramatic, elegant and downright bold. Pairing it with darker colors such as midnight blues, smoky blacks and rich mahogany woods is a brave way to use grey.



Who ever said grey couldn’t be warm and inviting? As far as we’re concerned, it’s all about what colors you use to complement your grey features, whether they’re walls, chairs, rugs or any other part of the room. The soft fabric of this Replica Womb chair, the plush sheepskin rug, the glowing wooden floorboards and the warm toned accessories keep this room categorically cozy.



Have we inspired you to embrace having a grey day this autumn? For more inspiration, check out our full range of design inspired seating solutions.

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